Diablo Hero OKKO (沙滩上的贝壳#5903)

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12/12/2018 9:39 AM


Hero - Cn HardCore Monk

Attack speed
Crit chance
0.0 %
Crit damage
All resist

Kanai's Cube

Name Power
Flying Dragon Kanai
Spirit Guards Kanai
The Star of Azkaranth Kanai


Type Name  
Helmet The Laws of Seph Head
Amulet The Ess of Johan Neck
Torso Inna's Vast Expanse Torso
Shoulders Lefebvre's Soliloquy Shoulders
Leggings Inna's Temperance Legs
Belt Inna's Favor Waist
Gloves Inna's Hold Hands
Bracers Nemesis Bracers Bracers
Boots Illusory Boots Feet
Left finger Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac LeftFinger
Rift finger Oculus Ring RightFinger
Main hand The Slanderer MainHand
Off hand Little Rogue OffHand


Generate: 12 Spirit per attack Unleash a series of large sweeping attacks that deal 155% weapon damage as Physical to all enemies in front of you. Every third hit also dazes enemies within 11 yards, slowing their movement speed by 30% and attack speed by 20% for 3 seconds.

Breaking Wave

Enemies hit by Crippling Wave take 10% additional damage from all attacks for 3 seconds.
Cost: 50 Spirit Pull up to 16 enemies within 24 yards towards you, followed by a furious blast of energy that deals 261% weapon damage as Holy.

Soothing Breeze

Cyclone Strike heals you and all allies within 24 yards for 31,036 Life. Heal amount is increased by 17% of your Health Globe Healing Bonus.
Cooldown: 15 seconds Create a flash of light that blinds all enemies within 20 yards for 3 seconds. Elite enemies recover faster, but suffer a 30% chance to miss with attacks.

Crippling Light

Enemies that are Blinded deal 25% reduced damage for 5 seconds after the Blind wears off.
Cooldown: 20 seconds Create a runic circle of protection on the ground for 6 seconds that reduces all damage taken by 55% for all allies inside.

Temple of Protection

Allies inside Inner Sanctuary are also immune to control impairing effects.
Cost: 50 Spirit Active: You and nearby allies gain an additional 20% increased resistance to all elements for 3 seconds. Passive: You and your allies within 60 yards gain 20% increased resistance to all elements. Only one Mantra may be active at a time.


Passive: Mantra of Salvation also increases Dodge Chance by 35%.
Cooldown: 60 seconds Have an Epiphany, increasing your Spirit Regeneration per Second by 20 and enabling your melee attacks to instantly dash to your target for 15 seconds.

Soothing Mist

Imbue yourself with water, causing your abilities to heal yourself and allies within 30 yards for 16,093 Life. Heal amount is increased by 4% of your Health Globe Healing Bonus.
Dealing damage to enemies above 75% Life increases your attack speed by 30% for 4 seconds.
Reduce all cooldowns by 20%.
Damage you deal reduces enemy damage by 20% for 4 seconds.
When receiving fatal damage, you instead restore 35% Life and 35% Spirit and are immune to damage and control impairing effects for 2 seconds. This effect may occur once every 60 seconds.


Rift Solo

Rank Level Duration Date
26 100 14:04.316 10/20/2018 12:30:02 AM
589 70 02:03.966 10/3/2018 12:25:12 AM

Rift 2 Players

Rank Level Duration Date
19 112 14:03.416 10/12/2018 12:37:09 AM
9 108 12:59.566 9/30/2018 1:23:02 AM

Rift 3 Players

Rank Level Duration Date
13 112 13:18.883 10/2/2018 4:29:12 PM

Rift 4 Players

Rank Level Duration Date
36 119 08:45.283 10/2/2018 8:53:50 AM
48 116 14:36.149 9/30/2018 8:09:16 AM
44 115 14:26.933 9/30/2018 6:01:58 AM