Diablo Hero Stonesinger (Avoid#2691)

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3/19/2016 4:56 AM

Hero - Eu SoftCore Wizard

Attack speed
Crit chance
59.0 %
Crit damage
522.0 %
Fire damage
33 %
All resist

Kanai's Cube



Type Name  
Helmet Tal Rasha's Guise of Wisdom Head
Torso Cindercoat Torso
Gloves Tal Rasha's Grasp Hands
Shoulders Pauldrons of the Skeleton King Shoulders
Leggings Tal Rasha's Stride Legs
Bracers Ancient Parthan Defenders Bracers
Main hand Aether Walker MainHand
Off hand Tal Rasha's Unwavering Glare OffHand
Belt Tal Rasha's Brace Waist
Rift finger Restraint RightFinger
Left finger Focus LeftFinger
Amulet Tal Rasha's Allegiance Neck


Cost: 40 Arcane Power Call down shards of ice that deal 1075% weapon damage as Cold over 6 seconds to enemies in a 12 yard radius. Multiple casts in the same area from the same caster do not stack.


Reduce the casting cost of Blizzard to 10 Arcane Power.
This is a Signature spell. Signature spells are free to cast. Release a medium range pulse of 3 unpredictable charges of electricity that deal 194% weapon damage as Lightning.

Piercing Orb

Merge the bolts in a a single giant orb that oscillates forward dealing 214% weapon damage as Lightning to everything it hits.
Cost: 40 Arcane Power Summon an immense Meteor that plummets from the sky, crashing into enemies for 740% weapon damage as Fire. The ground it hits is scorched with molten fire that deals 235% weapon damage as Fire over 3 seconds.

Meteor Shower

Unleash a volley of 7 small Meteors that each strike for 277% weapon damage as Fire.
Cooldown: 11 seconds Teleport through the ether to the selected location up to 50 yards away.


Cast a short range Wave of Force upon arrival, dealing 175% weapon damage as Arcane to all nearby enemies and stunning them for 1 second.
Cost: 25 Arcane Power Imbue your weapon with magical energy, granting it 10% increased damage. Lasts 10 minutes.


Enemies hit by your attacks restore up to 3 Arcane Power.
Cost: 25 Arcane Power Focus your energies, increasing your Armor by 35% but decreasing your maximum Arcane Power by 20. Lasts 10 minutes. Only one Armor may be active at a time.

Prismatic Armor

Energy Armor also increases your resistance to all damage types 25%.
Increase your maximum Arcane Power by 20 and Arcane Power regeneration by 2.5 per second.
Decrease damage taken by 17%.
Damaging enemies with Arcane, Cold, Fire or Lightning will cause them to take 5% more damage from all sources for 5 seconds. Each different damage type applies a stack, stacking up to 4 times. Elemental damage from your weapon contributes to Elemental Exposure.
When you receive fatal damage, you instead gain a shield equal to 400% of your maximum Life for 5 seconds and release a shockwave that knocks enemies back and Stuns them for 3 seconds. This effect may occur once every 60 seconds.


Rift Solo

Rank Level Duration Date
1 66 13:18.533 8/22/2015 12:10:40 AM

Rift 2 Players

Rank Level Duration Date
159 63 13:20.616 5/19/2015 8:33:59 PM

Rift 3 Players

Rank Level Duration Date
141 68 14:03.700 5/31/2015 11:57:40 PM

Rift 4 Players

Rank Level Duration Date
111 72 14:18.300 6/6/2015 1:35:23 AM