Diablo Hero Oceanus (Mastah#21380)

Access to BattleNet profil

11/24/2018 4:14 AM


Hero - Eu SoftCore Barbarian

Attack speed
Crit chance
6.0 %
Crit damage
All resist

Kanai's Cube

Name Power
In-geom Kanai
Chilanik's Chain Kanai
Band of Might Kanai


Type Name  
Helmet Leoric's Crown Head
Amulet Rondal's Locket Neck
Torso Born's Frozen Soul Torso
Shoulders Born's Privilege Shoulders
Leggings Cain's Habit Legs
Belt Pride of Cassius Waist
Gloves Cain's Scrivener Hands
Bracers Strongarm Bracers Bracers
Boots Illusory Boots Feet
Left finger Ring of Royal Grandeur LeftFinger
Rift finger Oculus Ring RightFinger
Main hand The Slanderer MainHand
Off hand Little Rogue OffHand


Generate: 15 Fury Cooldown: 10 seconds Shout with great ferocity, reducing damage done by enemies within 25 yards by 20% for 15 seconds.


Enemies instead take 25% increased damage for 6 seconds.
Cost: 20 Fury A sweeping strike causes all enemies within 12 yards to Bleed for 1100% weapon damage as Physical over 5 seconds.


Affected enemies are Chilled and take 10% increased damage from all sources. Rend's damage turns into Cold.
Cost: 20 Fury Increase movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds.

Forced March

Increase movement speed of allies within 50 yards by 20% for 3 seconds.
Cost: 1 Charge Generate: 15 Fury Rush forward knocking back and dealing 600% weapon damage to enemies along your path. You gain a charge every 10 seconds and can have up to 1 charge stored at a time.

Merciless Assault

Recharge time is reduced by 2 seconds for every enemy hit. This effect can reduce the recharge time by up to 10 seconds.
Cooldown: 30 seconds Reduce all damage taken by 50% and gain Immunity to all control-impairing effects for 5 seconds.

Mob Rule

Allies within 50 yards also gain 25% damage reduction and Immunity to control-impairing effects for 5 seconds.
Generate: 20 Fury Cooldown: 20 seconds Unleash a rallying cry to increase Armor for you and all allies within 100 yards by 20% for 120 seconds.

Hardened Wrath

For the first 5 seconds, gain an additional 60% increased Armor.
Reduce all non-Physical damage by 20%. When you take damage from a ranged or elemental attack, you have a chance to gain 2 Fury.
When you are healed by a health globe, gain 2% Life regeneration per second and 4% increased movement speed for 15 seconds. This bonus stacks up to 5 times.
Fatal damage instead reduces you to 15% Life. For 3 seconds afterward, you take 95% reduced damage and are immune to all control-impairing effects. This effect may occur once every 60 seconds.
The duration of your shouts is doubled. After using a shout you and all allies within 100 yards regenerate 3% of maximum Life per second for 120 seconds. Your shouts are: Battle Rage Threatening Shout War Cry


Rift Solo

Rank Level Duration Date
2 119 13:59.483 11/26/2018 11:52:41 AM
3 116 14:23.266 11/12/2018 3:53:28 PM
3 115 14:53.783 10/16/2018 1:58:16 PM

Rift 4 Players

Rank Level Duration Date
213 133 14:24.150 11/27/2018 2:45:47 PM
320 131 14:37.116 10/16/2018 9:31:45 AM
783 118 09:14.566 10/10/2018 2:11:16 PM
926 115 06:14.799 10/9/2018 10:33:27 AM