Diablo Hero Ifarm (Mefesto#1634)

Access to BattleNet profil

1/27/2018 3:55 AM


Hero - Us HardCore Wizard

Attack speed
Crit chance
49.0 %
Crit damage
442.0 %
Lightning damage
17 %
All resist

Kanai's Cube





Cost: 20 Arcane Power Summon a Familiar that attacks your enemies for 240% weapon damage as Arcane. This companion cannot be targeted or damaged by enemies. Lasts 10 minutes.


Summon a fiery Familiar that grants you 10% increased damage.
Cost: 16 Arcane Power Hurl a barrage of arcane projectiles that deal 400% weapon damage as Arcane to all enemies near the impact location. Arcane Torrent damage is increased by 305% weapon damage every second, up to a maximum total of 1010% weapon damage as Arcane.

Static Discharge

Each missile explodes into 2 piercing bolts of electricity that each deal 150% weapon damage as Lightning.
Cooldown: 120 seconds Transform into a being of pure arcane energy for 20 seconds. While in Archon form, your normal abilities are replaced by powerful Archon abilities, your damage is increased by 30%, and your Armor and resistances are increased by 150%. Each enemy killed while in Archon form increases your damage by 6% for the remaining duration of Archon.


An explosion erupts around you when you transform, dealing 3680% weapon damage as Fire to all enemies within 15 yards. Archon abilities deal Fire damage instead of Arcane.
Cost: 25 Arcane Power Imbue your weapon with magical energy, granting it 10% increased damage. Lasts 10 minutes.

Force Weapon

Increase the damage bonus of Magic Weapon to 20% damage.
Cooldown: 11 seconds Teleport through the ether to the selected location up to 50 yards away.

Safe Passage

For 5 seconds after you Teleport, you will take 25% less damage.
Cost: 25 Arcane Power Bathe yourself in electrical energy, periodically shocking a nearby enemy for 175% weapon damage as Lightning. Lasts 10 minutes. Only one Armor may be active at a time.


Increase your movement speed by 25% for 3 seconds when you are hit by melee or ranged attacks.
When you receive fatal damage, you instead gain a shield equal to 400% of your maximum Life for 5 seconds and release a shockwave that knocks enemies back and Stuns them for 3 seconds. This effect may occur once every 60 seconds.
When you take more than 15% of your maximum Life in damage within 1 second, the cooldowns on Mirror Image, Slow Time, and Teleport are reset. When you use Mirror Image, Slow Time, or Teleport, your movement speed is increased by 30% for 3 seconds.
Reduce all cooldowns by 20%.
Lightning spells have a 15% chance to Stun all targets hit for 1.5 seconds.


Rift 3 Players

Rank Level Duration Date
1 125 11:37.000 1/22/2018 6:51:36 AM

Rift 4 Players

Rank Level Duration Date
5 137 14:01.816 1/29/2018 1:56:59 AM
1 136 14:54.866 1/26/2018 1:15:03 AM
1 135 13:23.083 1/24/2018 1:40:35 AM
1 131 14:33.433 1/8/2018 8:26:38 PM
1 130 13:45.033 1/8/2018 6:19:07 PM
1 129 14:39.900 1/5/2018 6:03:49 PM